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Search Results Viewability

SEO Title Card

Response to wrote a blog about how users view Search Engine results. The article deduced that people how people see results have changed. Mobile devices changed our viewing patterns. It is imperative that meta-information reflects the change in how we view results.

Visual Rectangle noted some studies done on Google’s SERP. In 2006, users read results in a triangle pattern. They read from left to right, then diagonally downward. This gave site creators a chance to add more content in their meta descriptions. In 2016, users read results in a rectangle pattern. Longer web addresses get cut off by this pattern.

It is vital that meta-information be as short and impactful as possible to fit the rectangle. Meta titles must get to the point of an article/webpage. Meta descriptions cannot be paragraphs; they must be quick summaries. The article states that 57% of traffic views the first four organic listings. This is where having a strong SEO plan comes in. Compact yet informative meta descriptions yield a higher search engine listing.

Sponsored Links posted that sponsored links get 2% more views on mobile devices. Yet, users only see the first four listings. Depending on the product, a 2% increase may not justify paying for ad space. In the same article, businesses with mapped listings get 47% more view. If this article is correct in its statistics, then a map listing is more vital to a search engine presence. It is important that websites have a location listing of their businesses. Paying for ad space is not vital.

The takeaway I got from the article is that good SEO is vital for a business. A proper SEO plan enacted will yield better visibility. Paying for ad space is beneficial. But an impactful SEO plan can overcome the need to pay out more money.


Kellogg, Kristi, and Bruce Clay. “How Mobile Has Changed the Way We Search, Based on 10+ Years of Eye-Tracking Studies.” How Mobile Has Changed the Way We Search, Based on 10+ Years of Eye-Tracking Studies, Search Engine Land, 7 Oct. 2016,

Social Media SEO

SEO Title Card

The following are the questions I answered in my SEO class at Portland Community College.

“How do you think incorporating social media will affect how the landscape of search engines and of searching?”

Social Media already affects the search engine landscape. In my searches, I found social media links before I found website links. Linking a website to a social media account builds content authority.  

“Is the incorporation of personal preferences and profiles a good thing?”

It is good that personal preferences from profiles are incorporated into searches. It is beneficial that my tastes are taken into consideration for finding food, clothing, and products I want. I found a lot of great products by allowing my preferences to be used by social media sites.  

“How will this affect privacy and how people manage their social media accounts?”

It is important to understand that Social Media makes its money off metadata. It is also important to understand that content is not owned once it is used on a Social Media website. Our accounts should be considered “brand” accounts than personal accounts. Privacy on social media becomes an issue if a person doesn’t understand why their data is used.