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Thoughts on Narrow Search

Search engines have evolved from simple keyword searches. They are more intuitive to the user. But, like most technologies, narrow search engine scope is a double-edged sword.  

Search filter bubbles are helpful when eliminating unnecessary results. If I am searching for new clothes, it is helpful that Amazon yield results based on my previous purchases. The time to search for what I want is shorten my account history. When search for a restaurant based on my likes, Google will recommend places based on what I like. From a marketing and promotion standpoint, custom search results is fantastic. The customers receive what they want based on their tastes with extensive research.

But, there is a downside to a narrow search scope. Filter bubbles promote news articles based on our political bias. This leads to misinformation or uninformed information which in turn leads to distrust. The user is not getting information based on contextual reality.  

Focus searches are great for the marketplace but horrible for news. It would behoove the user to understand how search engines work. If users want true news, they need to clear their search history. If a user needs to shop, there needs to be a in depth search history.

Open Forum

With this site, I’m going to try something… keeping comments and the forum open for visitors. Over the years, I’ve been skittish about allowing comments on my content. I know well how trolls work and how susceptible I am to falling for negative comments. However, this site is more about demonstrating my abilities with WordPress. Businesses do open their sites up for customers to answer questions and address concerns. It’ll behoove me to do the same. I may not like the idea but I gotta learn to love it (to paraphrase Ric Flair). I’m not opening this site for membership but it is open to the public for comments.