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Aced my final!

I passed my Beginning WordPress final with a 100%. This site (or the mirror site I used) was my final for the class. It met all the requirements for an A+ grade.

I learned more about WordPress than I thought I would. I did not know how to duplicate a website with the Duplicator plugin. The plugin will remain in my WP arsenal. I also learned to stick to the nature of WordPress… as a blogging platform; deviating from WP’s primary nature is confusing. I’ve also learned how to create social WP without BuddyPress.

I recommend to anyone interested in WordPress to take a college WordPress class. I also recommend WP classes through Portland Community College.


Vintage Wallpaper

This term I’m taking a WordPress class. I’ve been using WordPress since 2009 so I went into the class thinking this would be an easy A. Because I’m a punk, I thought I’d go nuts with my final. I mean… really start showcasing what WP can do. I even added my mod of the Hello Dolly plugin. I figured this would demonstrate that I’m a WP god. Then I received my first critique of the site…

  1. You need to set the home page to a static page rather than your activity stream – it’s confusing to your site visitors to see that on the home page.
  2. I’m not sure what benefit the Hello Nacho plugin provides to your site? And I wasn’t able to see where it is on the back end, or what it does.

My teacher is right. The site is hard to read. In my attempt to be artsy with my site created some confusion. I have an assignment and I was arrogant. My take away is that I need to remember the first rule of design… Keep It Simple, Stupid. Sometimes customers don’t know what they want. Sometimes customers do know exactly what they want… a WordPress site. Nothing fancy or complex. Keep it simple. Stick to what the customer wants. I learned the K.I.S.S. concept in graphic design, so I should carry that thought process in web design… Keep It Simple, Stupid.

I got a 90 in the assignment when, with my skills, I should have received a 100. Oh well… lesson learned.

New Privacy Option by WP

The Moon

The latest WP update installed a rather interesting feature in its settings options… a Privacy Policy generator!

Having a privacy policy on a website is required by US law if personal data is collected (like recording stats). Since the Facebook data mining fiasco earlier this year, sites have been making efforts to inform users that they do track stats and collect information for marketing. Even stat information is considered data gathering.

I am glad that WordPress installed this feature. The only drawback I see thus far is that the PP generator lacking some detail. Because of the lack of depth, I will continue to use my current PP and TOS plugin.


P.S. My current policy is at

Trusted Theme Authors

Theme Directory

WPTavern reported on WordPress launching a trusted theme author review board ( This is a great step in creating more effective WP environments. I’ve seen some really bad WP themes put out by some theme creators. This board not only forces WP theme creators to build better content but also gives users a better tool to shop for WP themes. More information is found at


I’ve been reading articles on WPTavern regarding Gutenberg. Gutenberg is a plugin which changed the text editor into a text block editor. It’ll be a part of the core WordPress install for WordPress 5.0.

I’ve been using Gutenberg on my portfolio site and a few of my parody sites ( and I like it. When I first tried it, there were a lot of bugs. The plugin was not meant to be used on live sites yet when I installed it. Over time I’ve watched it improve and I think it will help make posting easier for people who may not be as tech savvy with WP. It definitely changed the Text Editor to something similar to

I hope that when they do roll it out with WP 5.0, the option to switch to the Classic Editor will remain. I like adding my own codes.


Read more about Gutenberg at